He is a born mesmerist. Would you step into the gray zone with him? Would you really let him influence your thoughts; play his games in your head? Can you imagine taking greedily of the pleasure he gives? Could you embrace his knife edge lifestyle?
The man is pure Lustfuel, and the stealer of Hearts.
You know you can depend on him to deliver the birth; the battlefield; and the zenith of immeasurable sensual pleasure; before you watch him take his version of ne plus ultra in silence. He is dark romance; one faltering step more and you are toes to the edge, a cliffhanger heartbeat away from that sacred moment when he coaxes you into his world.
If he was yours, could you handle him?




She met him in Changi Airport, Singapore, of all places. These sorts of encounters play out every day the world over. However, this hook-up is different—very different.

Life could have given Siobhan a billionaire, one with unprecedented wealth to match her own stockpile of dynastic loot. But no, she found Nichasin Stephain, a flawed hero, an alpha bad boy. As it turns out, the man is some kind of shady military strategist and he is everything provocative; he’s dark romance; pure lustfuel.

Nichasin filled Siobhan’s head with the dirtiest, beyond edgy fantasies. As well as threatened to hook a finger in her panties and drag them down her legs. Then tie them around her wrists and snarl his fingers in their lace. Before hauling her behind him down Bourbon Street, New Orleans, his hometown. All sadness to you Nikki, I don’t wear any. 

Buying in to his mystique Siobhan made a project of aligning her fate with his, she gambled—and came out on the woman’s side of the draw—powerlessly in love.