The Renaissance of the ‘Flawed Hero’.

I’m Sian, and my inspiration for writing Nichasin and Siobhan’s story; that’s a tricky one, I suppose I could let one phase answer for me ‘Flawed Heroes’. But I know I should elaborate a little further, so I will tell you of a series of books that I read years ago. It was actually a series owned by my mother, a historical romance called ‘Angélique’ the Marquise of the Angels, by Anne and Serge Golon.

I know there has been a lot of very, very, popular erotic romance written since. The more recent ones making the Angélique books look mild by comparison. However, I was enthralled by the emotional relationship between the protagonist and her Marquis. The oddness and dark in Jeoffrey de Peyrac was fascinatingly different, and downright seductive. As a reader I wanted to be Angélique, and have him. That was pretty heavy emotional ‘Buy-in’.

In truth, neither the story between the pages of ‘The Ecstasy Code ‘or its characters in any manner resemble Anne Golon’s books. Nevertheless, I earnestly hope that as you come to read it; that you will genuinely fall in love with my debut book.


Author’s Bio  


I’m a wife a mother and an imaginist. I love to travel and have lived the world over. Because of this, the characters in my books live out their pain; their crimes; their fantasies; and their sensual eccentricities in the many corners of our planet. The first wave of Nichasin and Siobhan’s story tantalizes from New Orleans, a city I adore. That being so I couldn’t resist making the Crescent City the background for my intrepid lovers to live their life of — Grand Passion. 


The Ecstasy Code my first book in the ‘Symbol of Taurus’ series  and will shortly be available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle Unlimited.